Coso’s Safety Program

The Coso’s Safety Program was established from company policies and since then has evolved to a system that is driven by numerous principles working collectively to enhance our safety culture. As the culture is transformed, these drivers mature and assist in the development of other practices that keep our program active. Some of these procedures were established to meet some type of regulation and others were created by us as we actively pursue ways to improve our workplace.  For instance, from the behavioral based safety philosophy we have exclusively designed platforms such as Circle 4 Safety, Stop & Scan, Why I Work Safe and R.E.S.P.E.C.T. The efforts by our team in interconnecting the various practices into our safety program prove its robust structure.

The Coso’s Safety Program can be visualized as a tree. The trunk and roots of the tree (‘Safety Culture’) serve to anchor it to the ground. They also gather water and nutrients to transfer to all parts of the tree. It supports the branches and the leaves (‘Safety Drivers’) as it grows. From this growth other leaves (‘Future Concepts’) are developed.  The most important aspect of caring for a tree is proper watering (‘the level of commitment from the frontline & management team’).  In addition to water, the proper balance of sunlight and temperature (‘the degree of participation, trust, communication and accountability generated by our team’) will determine the tree’s (‘Coso’s Safety Program’) overall health.


US Navy’s Safety Through Awards Recognition (STAR) 2017 Award

“Saying that managing the Coso geothermal resource is complex is a vast understatement; the resource can be unpredictable, and the working conditions can be brutal.   Based on Coso’s track record, it’s clear that leadership fosters an organizational behavior where employees don’t just talk about safety, it’s part of Coso’s detailed safety culture.  On behalf of the Navy, and our command office, Captain Mitchell, thank you for cultivating that culture.  Commands don’t typically issue safety coins to contracted entities, so in this case, it’s unique and Coso is a rare company.”

— Michael Lazaro- Division Director

“The Department of the Navy STAR program stands for Safety Through Awards Recognition. It was created to recognize exceptional and sustained safety excellence and foster a sound safety culture. Admittedly, Coso has been fostering a sound safety culture regardless of this Navy incentive, but that is an example of why you deserve it so much. Our office is constantly impressed with this groups focus on safety and having been here for six years now, it just keeps improving. The GPO and Navy as a whole appreciate and recognize the hard work by the entire staff and are honored to present the STAR award to Coso, an award only given out one time a year!”

— Kelly Blake- GPO Geologist and Speaker of Coso’s Safety Day Quarter 3.